This is from my previous blog which will now be relocated on this website… it serves as little reminder of the inspiration for a lot of things that will appear on the blog, in addition to updates and information concerning Amanda Duke Photography. Hopefully you will find it’s contents interesting, informative, inspiring or at least entertaining… thanks for reading and enjoy!


OK, so last year I auditioned for my OWN show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. It was all part of pursuing my many random dreams and living for today. The premise for my show was the same as the motivation behind creating this blog, to share my adventures with anyone and everyone that might care, even just a little. Since I am writing this blog it’s probably clear to you that I did not indeed receive my OWN show, however, while auditioning a lady near me said “well if this doesn’t work, I’ll just keep trying, I’m not giving up on my dream” and I thought wow, that’s awesome. I don’t know that having my OWN show was in actuality “my dream” or that writing this blog is “my dream” but I do know this much is true, I have a dream that is comprised of thousands of tiny little complex pieces and while it may take a life time, I’m never gonna stop living this crazy dream. Every day may not be perfect or a dream come true, but all the ebbs and flows make this my life and I am gonna live it! I have always been a creative person and I NEED to express myself (hey hey hey hey). I love writing and what better place to write and express yourself to the world, than the world wide web. I have a story just like all of you and I am curious about yours as well as mine, and where the roads will lead. This blog is entitled thirty-30, stemming from my show concept of “thirty things to do before 30”, this is now less than 2 years away and I still have a long list of things to do, see or accomplish before my 30th birthday. The show would have followed me through all of my adventures, as well as the “bucket list” adventures of viewers. Since I did not get the show, I am going to have the blog, so you can follow me through all 30 adventures, if you so desire. I had a lot of fun in 2009/2010 marking a few things off the list: 5k, Oprah, Habitat for Humanity. So in essence this is a catch up blog, I can’t wait to share more fun times and hopefully hear about some of yours!