And you know what that means, it’s time to start my 2nd annual “12 Days of Favorite Things” holiday giveaway! One of my most favorite things is giving gifts to others and sharing the things I love most with the ones I love most. As I said last year, I spent many afternoons as a child and continuing into adulthood watching Oprah Winfrey give away oodles and oodles of cool prizes to audience members, she is my hero in many ways and so I too will bestow my most favorite things to the only audience I have, you the readers. Also as I said last year, nobody is leaving here with a car or an all expense paid trip to Australia, so cool your jets! I assure you if it were in my budget I would fly every single one of you to a fabulous destination and we would have one epic party, alas it is not, and so I bring to you this holiday season much smaller, simpler prizes, but still pretty spectacular in my book. As I have also learned from my mentor, Oprah (we do lunch often, we chat and laugh as she bestows her pearls of wisdom unto me, it’s really quite fun, please don’t be jealous;)), it is often not the things that we give that leave a lasting impact, it is the thought that lies behind the gift. You may not remember in 25 years what the item you received was, but you will probably remember at some point that you walked to the mailbox and inside was a surprise just for you, a surprise made even more special because you won it, free of charge, no strings attached other than the strings of my undying love and gratitude for each one of you that take the time to read the words I write. So, here are the rules for entry into this years give away:

1.) Follow the links given via Email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to the blog post entitled “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…”

2.) On the right, under SUBSCRIBE, enter your email address and click SUBSCRIBE.

3.) Leave a comment answering this question “Within the next year, 2013, what would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

(Did I mention that one of my most favorite things about writing this blog is getting people to ponder where they are in life and maybe change the way they think just a little? And don’t worry, I’ll be answering that question myself for all of you to read when this is over…)

4.) Pass it along to all of your friends… For every referral subscription you will receive an additional entry into the contest, make sure the friends you refer leave your name with their comment to ensure your additional entries.



And that is that, pretty simple huh? Subscribe, answer a profound, life altering question, pass it along to all your friends and before you know it BAAAM, you may be the winner of a fabulous prize! But seriously, I thank you all sincerely for reading my posts throughout the year, this may not be much but it is a fun way that I can give back to you and show my gratitude. I can’t wait to hear all of your answers and start the festivities on December 14th, keep those comments coming so we can get this party started! Happy Holidays to all!!!


With Love and Gratitude,