Oh music how I love thee… you are always there to lift my spirits when I am down, forever with me riding the roller coaster of my ever changing moods and emotions and never ceasing to provide some pretty mad beats for the soundtrack of my life. Eclectic would be a pretty decent word to describe my musical tastes because I love it all! I was a child of the 80’s and 90‘s, I grew up on classic country like “The Judds” and “Alabama”, and I can still sing pretty much all of their songs verbatim and I still love them. Then of course as time went on I began to develop my own musical tastes, the first records I owned, “Ace of Base” and “Blues Traveler”, pretty opposite ends of the spectrum there but I loved them both in their own special way. During high school I thrived on alternative rock, whatever 99x was playing was what I was buying, and while we’re on the subject whatever happened to Barnes, Leslie and Jimmy? Those guys were the soundtrack of all my high school days, I would like a reunion please, 99.7FM has not been the same since! Somewhere in the midst of all the “Green Day” (which I insist will be played at my funeral, even if no one even knows who “Green Day” is by then), “Weezer”, “Semisonic”, “Oasis”, “Radiohead”, “Red Hot Chili Peppers” and “Pearl Jam” I also became oddly enamored with rap and hip/hop. Yes, I know it may surprise many of you to learn that when I am all alone in the comfort of my home, I am a smokin’… wait for it… wait for it… RAP SENSATION! Please don’t hate! In all honesty one of my most favorite songs ever goes by the classiest of names, that being “Gold Digger”. Even when I’m in the worst of moods I can put that song on and all is right with the world, makes no sense to the average person, but to me it is the miracle cure:) In addition to these widely varying genres I also love opera and jazz and classical music, my musical library somewhat resembles that of a schizophrenic cat that really likes music, its quite simply as friends often describe me “all over the place”.

But, out of all of this wonderfully different music there is one musician who rises above all the rest for me. If I had to choose only one musician to listen to for the rest of my days, who would I choose? Hmmm… I bet this comes as a shocker to you guys, but I would choose… David Cook! I know, I know, pass out, such a surprise for you all!!! And although I would be sad to lose all the other music I love, the guy does a pretty amazing cover of just about anything so if he can learn “Gold Digger” I’ll be set:) Four years ago I didn’t even know who this guy was, no one did really until season 7 of “American Idol” where he quickly became mine and about 55 million other peoples fast favorite. If you have read my previous blog “#14: HEY DAVID COOK, WANNA GRAB SOME DINNER?!? (aka My brief stint as a 13 year old fangirl)” you know that normally I do not find myself fawning over random rockstars. And, in all actuality you probably won’t find me “fawning” over Mr. Cook, it’s just not my style, I will however pay to see him repeatedly and play his record in my car until the CD cracks. I will also write a blog or two in an effort to spread the joy of his work (and our dear Lord’s, as David is a fine piece of work himself) to all of you! Like I’ve said before, I don’t go “fan girl” over, well pretty much anyone since New Kids on the Block and I was only 7 then so I guess I get a pass for that one. But between the voice, the personality, the dryly hysterical self deprecating sense of humor, the good heart and the scruffy yet cute/sexy face I just can’t help myself. If you haven’t yet been introduced to his music consider this your formal introduction and go buy everything he’s ever put out right now, I promise you will not regret this decision, trust me when I say “eargasms” await! And no, I am not on the PR payroll, but while we are on the subject, yes I will accept dinner with the man himself as adequate repayment for all the doting free press:) I mean look dude, it’s on the “30 before 30” list, it’s gotta happen… and 29 is just a few short weeks away so I’m just sayin’ let’s make it happen… Speaking of birthdays, today is his (I know this via twitter, not because it’s marked on my personal calendar people) so this is a fitting prize for day 8 of the “12 days” give-a-way. Here’s hoping it’s a very Happy Birthday sir! And now, for the winner of today’s prize, a fresh new copy of David Cook’s latest album “This Loud Morning”, my favorite album of the year… drum roll please… the winner is… Mindy Reyes! Congratulations Mindy!!!     I hope this music makes your ears as happy as it does mine:) Check back tomorrow for more prizes and winners!


Other favorite album recommendations for this year include: TIm Halperin “Rise and Fall”, To Have Heroes “Lost in America”, Red Hot Chili Peppers “I’m With You”, Pistol Annies “Hell on Heels” and last but not least Jack and White “Gemini”… Check these albums out too, your ears will thank you!