Today’s favorite thing is one that in actuality I wish did not exist in any capacity at all… I wish this because if cancer didn’t exist, there would be no need for charity’s raising money in an effort to find a cure and there would be no families suffering from this disease and its hideously life altering effects. Everyone, at some point, has been touched by cancer in some way, shape or form. Maybe it was just someone you knew in passing, maybe it was a random story you were drawn to through social media or maybe it was someone who you loved dearly. This year some of those closest to me were touched by this wretched disease and their lives were changed forever… I lost a dear friend who I had known my entire life, one of my best friends on the planet had to say goodbye to her only sister, the niece she loved like her own cried unconsolably because her second mother had to leave and her mother watched as the child she brought into the world departed it again. These are the reasons I hate cancer, much like billions of others who have been touched by the effects it brings, I someday want to live in a world without cancer!

Lisa Parsons Walker was 46 years old when she left this earth. She had the brightest, most beautiful green eyes that sparkled with excitement every time you saw her. She had a gigantic smile that could light up a room and always let you know just how happy she was to see you. She loved her family and friends, and she had faith that was relentless. She didn’t want to leave, she loved life, she wanted to live and she fought hard to do so. This was her third fight with cancer, she kicked its ass twice, the last time God decided it was enough and at last she found peace. Even though I have lost people in the past, Lisa’s death hit me hard… She had always been there in the background of my life, Christmas parties and graduations and everything in between, then suddenly she was gone. I really never expected her to leave, she fought so hard and had beat it in the past, I was so sure she would beat it again like the prize fighter she was, but this time was different. And while it hurt me to lose her, I hurt for her family that was left here to carry on a million times more. Watching the ones you love lose someone and not being able to fix it or make it better is a helpless feeling and I don’t do helpless well. Lisa’s death has made me appreciate the people in my life more, the ones that I talk to every single day and the ones that I don’t talk to nearly enough. Her desire to live, even when she was weak, makes me want to live life harder and more fully than I ever have because we never know how long this ride will last… Life is short and passes far to quickly, so do what you want to do today, don’t put it off, live the life you want while you still have the chance! That is what I learned from losing Lisa, I miss her and I ache for those who miss her far more than I ever could. I know that she is forever with us and she will never be forgotten like so many who have been taken by this disease.

Hopefully one day cancer will be a disease of the past, until then we can support charities in search of a cure. I wore a t-shirt during Lisa’s fight from the Stand Up to Cancer organization, a portion of the proceeds go toward cancer research and finding a cure. Even though cancer is most definitely one of least favorite things, supporting what I feel is a good cause always lands on my “favorites” list. Purchasing and wearing a t-shirt that raises both funds and awareness in an effort to eradicate this disease is the least I can do in memory of my friend who will never be forgotten.

I hope today’s winner will wear their t-shirt proudly in memory of Lisa or possibly someone who they have personally lost to cancer. Hopefully, one day in the very near future, cancer will be a thing of the past… Until then, we’ll keep hoping, fighting and remembering! Love you Lisa<3

Congratulations to today's winner, Paula Grant! Check back tomorrow for more prizes, you could be the lucky winner!!!

For more information about today's "favorite thing" please visit http://www.standup2cancer.org/