One of my biggest (probably most far fetched) dreams right now is to go to South Africa.

This is a destination that probably doesn’t top a lot of peoples list of must see places, but what I have seen appears to be almost heavenly.

Of course while I relish beautiful scenery, this isn’t the only reason I want to hop a plane and travel half way around the world.

Why else would I travel nearly 9,000 miles you ask, because I want to “save the children”, or at least do some small part to make their lives a little better.

Many would argue that there are numerous children within our own country that need help and this is very true.

I would argue that while there are an abundance of children inside our borders that need help,

most have some access to government assistance programs,

running water, food pantries, shelters and basic infrastructure that many countries do

not have to offer those in need. Despite all of that we each have our own individual

callings in life, those things that we just know deep down that we would love to do. One

of those things for me would be volunteering to help children in Africa. I don’t know

when exactly this desire developed for me, and let’s face it, I’m not exactly the kind of

girl who enjoys working in the trenches. I abhor being dirty and hot, I am not a huge fan

of extreme physical labor and I get extremely cranky when I’m not well fed, but for this

certain cause I believe I could put all of that aside and do my part to help others. One of

my favorite things this year comes from a non profit organization called “Common

Threadz”. The organization sells graphic art T-shirts designed by artists, celebrities and

even some by the orphans who benefit from their fundraising efforts. In addition to the

sale of the T-shirts, donations are accepted to provide shoes and school uniforms for

the children. My most favorite thing sold by this organization however is the reed

bracelets made in South Africa by the native women, the funds from one bracelet can

buy one child a school uniform, a requirement for attending most schools in Africa.

When I wear this bracelet it reminds that there are so many people in the world who are

less fortunate than I am and that I should always be thankful for the wonderfully blessed

life I live! I hope it will do the same for today’s lucky winner… and that person is… Torey Simmons… Congratulations Torey!!! Check back tomorrow for our grand prize winner, it could be you:)