Let me be totally honest here, a few years back if you had told me anything remotely related to fitness would make any list involving my “favorite things” I would have laughed in your face. It’s funny how time changes us and what becomes important in your life that once had no place. I recently wrote a blog about my journey into fitness, more specifically CrossFit. As I said then, I have tried every fitness fad under the bright Georgia sun but I have never tried anything as addictive as CrossFit has become. I love running, but it has never really loved me back, three years after I first started this adventure I still cannot run an entire mile without stopping. Zumba was fun but it was hell on the knees as well as my ego because until I had to do coordinated dance moves in a mirrored room I thought I was actually a pretty good dancer. Yoga helped me to finally be able to touch my toes but didn’t provide much in the weight loss or strength department. I must say that yoga did provide a great deal of relaxation and I usually left feeling like a happy limp noodle, and I do miss that. If you are looking to chill out and bring a little zen into your life I would definitely recommend finding a good yoga class, we’ll say it’s my second favorite in the fitness category;)

My favorite fitness discovery this year is most definitely CrossFit 55. For anyone who thinks they are not physically capable of working hard and getting physically fit, you’re wrong! As I said in my previous blog I was never one to push my limits, somehow the good folks at CrossFit 55 have a way of gently pushing you past those limits before you even realize how far you have come. I have seen more results in three months doing CrossFit than I saw in three years doing everything else in the fitness books. Everyone there is amazing and supportive and while there are other CrossFit gyms in the county I am very glad I ended up at CrossFit 55! If you are looking for a change in your fitness routine you should definitely visit CrossFit 55 and try it out. Today’s lucky winner can do just that with a two week free trial at CrossFit 55… That lucky person is Emily Dean ! Thanks to Richard and the gang at CrossFit 55 for donating this fabulous prize!!!

Congratulations Emily! I hope you love CrossFit 55 as much as I do! Check back tomorrow for more prizes, you could be the lucky winner…

For more information about CrossFit 55 please visit www.crossfit55.com.

If you do not live locally you can visit http://map.crossfit.com/mobile.html to locate a CrossFit gym near you.