I must be honest, I have to admit a horrible truth about myself, right here right now… that being, I have not always been a coffee drinker (gasp)! My love affair with coffee probably didn’t even begin until my last semester of college. In order to graduate in May I was taking 18 hours of classes, staying up until all hours of the morning to finish papers and study for exams, all while working a full time job. I was sleep deprived to say the least and so I turned to coffee to stay alive! At this time I needed the coffee in conjunction with large doses of “mocha” to get it down, still not loving the taste so much. Over time however, I grew to love the coffee alone, well alone with cream and sometimes a little sugar:) I still was not a coffee snob by any means, the Folgers at work tasted just as good as any coffee house coffee, right?!?! Well, I am one to admit when I am wrong, and I was. While Folgers and Maxwell House will do just fine on a daily basis, nothing tastes as good as a freshly brewed Starbucks coffee. When I would go to Starbucks in the past I never got just coffee, it was all about the fancy frappachino or the mocha latte, and while they were good I could definitely live without them. It was when I tried just the plain old coffee that I was hooked. On Thursday’s I have to be at work at 8am… for those who know me well know that I am not made to keep these hours. I’m a zombie at 8am… I stay up until 3am writing blogs and I’m wide awake but at 8am, not so much! So, when my co-worker Kim asked if I wanted coffee from Starbucks one Thursday morning I said “Sure! Thanks!” The coffee was wonderful, just plain coffee with cream, wonderful! I was surprised… maybe because I am not use to the taste of “real” coffee in the morning (as our work coffee pot is forbidden from cleaning, you know to get that aged, burnt flavor LOL) or maybe I had just never given the regular coffee a fair chance. Either way it’s fabulous, nothing beats going into your local Starbucks, ordering a cup of coffee, adding whatever you want at the bar and then just sitting in the peace and quiet of the place, it makes for a really great day! I visited Seattle back in June and of course I had to stop by the original store and order a cup of coffee. The line was long but it was worth the experience, plus I got a great mug and bought a CD from the cool street musicians playing outside the store, it was a good day! All of this love for Starbucks made me want to spread the joy it brings to me, when thinking of my favorite things to include in this “12 Days of Christmas” give away Starbucks easily topped the list! So HILLARY METTS, congratulations! I hope you enjoy your Starbucks prize, it’s definitely one of my favorite things and I am glad to share it with you. Check back tomorrow for day 2 of the “12 days” give away, you could be the winner!