Socks, I wear socks, you wear socks, almost everyone has worn a sock or two in their lifetime. I, unlike most people, have a rather odd relationship with socks… I hate them! Ok, that’s an inaccurate blanket statement that I will clarify now, I hate most socks. This negative emotion toward socks started when I was a small child. I remember countless arguments with my mother as she attempted to ready me for school in the mornings. I would fuss until she removed my shoes three, four, five times until my socks were straight and the seams were not rubbing my toes. Still, to this day, I have to remove my shoes at least once to adjust those annoying seams before I can proceed through my day. I even wear my socks inside out, at the suggestion of my friend Erica, because it makes the seams less noticeable (it really works, she’s a genius). I read somewhere that this is an actual condition, something about nerve sensitivity and kids who can’t stand tags and seams and such, did I mention I hate tags also? So there you go Mom, I wasn’t just a brat after all, I have a legitimate medical condition… One of which I cannot remember the name at the moment, but legitimate still;) But wait, it gets even weirder… As badly as I hate socks in general, I absolutely 100% CANNOT sleep without socks, yes I am well aware of just how crazy that sounds!

Now that you all know far more than you ever really wanted to about my sock issues, I will share with you one of my most favorite discoveries… Spa Socks by Worlds Softest. These socks are AMAZING! I first found these socks at the Atlanta Gift Mart where I was given a free pair to try, as of now I own about ten pair and I sleep in them every night. These socks are practically seamless, incredibly soft and they keep your feet toasty warm, but not too hot. They are perfect, and that comes from a sock hater so you know these have got to be spectacular socks! Worlds Softest also carries a variety of everyday socks and robes. For me, the Spa Socks by Worlds Softest are far and away my favorite sleep socks and you all know that I love to share my favorite things! Therefore, today one lucky winner will walk away with their very own pair of cozy Spa Socks for the holiday season. And that lucky winner is Sarah Podbielski… Sarah is competing in her very first CrossFit competition tomorrow and I’m sure her feet will appreciate some TLC after she kicks butt at the “Reindeer Games”! Congratulations Sarah and best of luck tomorrow!

For those of you who did not win todays giveaway please visit www.worldssoftest.com for more information on my favorite socks and pick up a pair for yourself while you’re there. Your feet will thank you, I promise!

Check back tomorrow for more prizes, you could be the lucky winner! Happy Holidays to all!!!!