Today’s post will be short and sweet… the reason you ask, well actually there are two. The first being, I am really tired, the second being there are only so many words to express the goodness that today’s prize will bring to your life. We have all been there, it’s a hot summer day and all you want is an ice cold drink, you reach for your glass in search of refreshment and all you find is melted ice and disappointment. In addition to your watered down beverage you also find a nasty water ring on your favorite Aunt Ethel’s antique table, you know the one that survived the dark ages, the great depression and a brief stint in vietnam only to be ruined by you and your sweaty drink ware. Well ladies and gentlemen, I have found the solution to all your beverage needs, the solution goes by the heavenly name of “Tervis” and no one, I repeat no one could ever make me believe there is a better glass to drink from. I discovered these little jewels last year and thought I’d give them a try, you know test their spotless reputation, surely there was fault somewhere with this product. Right? Wrong! These wonderful cups are available with matching lids and most recently a nifty removable handle for easy transport. With the lid these cups keep drinks cold and ice frozen for hours and you will never see a drop of condensation, not ever! Plus, they come in all different designs and can even be personalized if you want. Did I mention there’s also a lifetime warranty? Well, there is! These babies are guaranteed not to crack, break, melt, you name it, and if they ever do you just go to their website, fill out a replacement form and ship it to their headquarters in sunny Florida and in a few short weeks they will send you a shiny new tumbler. Amazing! So, if you have yet to try a “Tervis Tumbler” I strongly suggest you go pick one up today (available at your local Lee Goodrum Pharmacy:)) it will change your drinking experience forever! And the lucky winner of today’s prize… the person soon to experience beverage bliss is… Kim Freeman! Congratulations Kim, I hope you enjoy your tumbler as much as I do, hopefully it will become one of your favorite things:)


Check back tomorrow for more “favorite things”… you could be the next winner!