A wise fictional woman once said “I’ve spent forty thousand dollars on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!?”… Of course that woman also said “I like my money right where I can see it… Hanging right here in my closest!” That fictional woman was Carrie Bradshaw, and I can sympathize. Growing up I always hated shopping, I favored comfort over fashion and usually just bought what I could find that fit and didn’t drive me crazy. It wasn’t until I graduated high school and joined the “adult work force”, where I made hundreds of dollars that begged to be spent, that I fell in love with fashion. And oh, what a love affair it has been! I mean seriously, how many people do you know that become simply giddy over a beautiful pair of boots. And is it so wrong that I stroke them lovingly in the store, embarrassing to those around me, yes, but wrong, definitely NO! But it doesn’t begin and end with the boots, no no, it branches out into all avenues of fashion: dresses, skirts, tops, jeans, tees, bracelets, rings, earrings, belts, scarves, watches, flip flops, flats, sandals, heels, sweaters, coats, jackets and a partridge in a pear tree… and it doesn’t even end in the ladies department. Quite frankly I would like one fashion forward man and one adorable little baby to dress as I please in all the pretty clothes I choose on a daily basis, and then they can go home after dinner so Mommy can be alone, that’s how it works right? No? Really? Oh well a girl can dream:) I often find myself in the store mesmerized by all the beautiful things, yes I will indeed take all of these ties, no I will not in fact be wearing them but they are gorgeous, and feel how soft and luxurious they are. It’s like I’m a modern day fashion conscious Noah, and the mall is flooding, and I must save all the pretty things… No accessories left behind, not on my watch, that’s it 2 by 2 into the cart! I can’t explain it other than I’m pretty sure this is what a drug induced high must feel like, fashion is my crack, sad story but it’s true. Drugs and alcohol are certainly no laughing matter, but I once told someone upon entering Target after a 2 month stint of retail rehab that this must be what it feels like for an alcoholic to walk into a bar… 30 things in my cart, 30 seconds flat! It’s not normal, It’s probably not all that healthy, but it’s a passion of mine and by George I was taught to follow my passion in life and that I shall do. Just a few of my fashion favorites from this year include: Moto Jackets by Mossimo for Target, Scarves Scarves Scarves by Everyone from Everywhere, Jeggings from NY & CO, Large oversized sweaters and shirts, Every boot ever made by Madden Girl and last but not least, lots of Large Bangle Bracelets! Today’s lucky winner will receive one of my latest favorite obsessions, a modern scarf perfect for every season… And that winner is… Jennifer Duncan! Congratulations Jennifer!!! I hope you enjoy your stylish new scarf:) Check back tomorrow for more prizes and winners!