I adore beautiful things, and I find beauty in many random things… including magazines!

It may seem a little silly, but it is quite a delight to open the mailbox and see a fresh new copy of my

favorite magazine lying inside or to arrive home at the end of a long day and see it lying on the counter.

I can hardly wait to sit down and see what lies inside the pages. I don’t know how you read your magazines,

I think everyone has their own method, but I start with a quick yet thorough run through of all the photographs inside.

What can I say, I’m a photo geek! After looking at all of the photos I then go back to the

beginning and start with the articles. It really is a splendid process:) I enjoy all kinds of

magazines from “Better Homes and Gardens” to “Rolling Stone” but I’ll give you all 3

guesses which magazine is my most favorite of all, and the first two don’t count… That’s

right, you guessed it, my favorite magazine is “O”! Yes of course it’s pages are inspired

by my beloved Oprah, but that’s not what makes it my favorite, it really is a fabulous

publication. The pages are filled with beautiful images and words that inform and

inspire. There is always an abundance of wisdom within the pages, whether it be health

and fitness, fashion, home decor or emotional wellness there is always something to

learn from the “O” contributors. I personally am looking forward to a new section of the

magazine coming next year called “The World According to Gayle” where Gayle King

will be sharing all of her latest and greatest pop culture discoveries from food to

fashion, TV and music. Gayle has said that she is passionate about all things pop

culture, and that is a passion I can get behind, I can’t wait to hear what all Ms. Gayle

has to say about the world! If you have never experienced “O” magazine I highly

recommend you grab a copy from your local news stand, sit down with a good cup of

coffee and enjoy! And today’s winner can do just that for the next 12 months with their

very own subscription to “O” magazine… that person is… Rita Harmon! Congratulations Rita!!! I hope you enjoy your copy of “O” magazine every month as much as I do:)