Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies… However, if you would like to know more about my underwear drawer, feel free to read on:)

Ok girls, you all know you’ve been there… You’re getting dressed in the morning for work or maybe you are going out for a fun night on the town and you need the perfect pair of undies. You obviously want something pretty and flattering, but really, you just want to be comfortable for whatever occasion you may be tackling. No one enjoys dealing with creeping underwear, and lets face it, you ALL know what I’m referring to. And no one wants a perfect dress to be ruined by VPL (visible panty line). It is for this reason I am writing this particular blog and spreading the word about one of my favorite discoveries this year!

If you opened my underwear drawer you would find that it is 95% full of products from Soma Intimates. Back in April I saw an advertisement on television for Soma, I had heard about their products and seen ads before but I had never visited their website. At the time they were having a sale called the “panty raid”. They have these sales about every two months, during the sale you get 7 pairs of panties for $35, and any woman knows that is a great deal! I thought “Ok, what the heck… For that price I’ll give them a try!”

Now I’ll just be honest here, I had no intentions of a positive experience from this little experiment. Usually finding underwear that’s both cute and comfortable is quite challenging and ordering online, sight unseen, is a definite no no. But again, they were cheap and looked cute enough and the reviews seemed promising. Maybe this could in fact turn out to be an easy and satisfying online shopping experience. And of course, since I was throwing caution to the wind I threw a few bras in the cart to try as well. A few days later when I received my Soma goodies in the mail I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised!

My first order, and I say first because there were many in the weeks to follow, included the “Embraceable High Leg Brief” and the “Demi Desiree Bra”. I was completely amazed when I tried on the bra for the first time and it fit me perfectly, almost as if it were made just for me. And the next day when I wore the panties, I was amazed again at how soft and comfortable they were, I was in panty heaven if you will. I have never been so pleasantly surprised, and all of this perfection came from an online order, that was just unbelievable! I can honestly say that these are the perfect panties, they are pretty, they don’t creep, bunch, pinch or scratch and they even make your day better… I once told a friend at work, who also made the switch to Soma, that I didn’t have my good panties on and my whole day was thrown off, she completely sympathized with my situation;) Seriously, after the first purchase I made at least three more orders until I had replaced almost every piece of underwear I own and I have loved every style that I’ve tried thus far. So, this holiday season I wanted to share with you the joy of Soma Intimates, in particular, my favorite styles (Embraceable High Leg Brief, Embraceable Hipster, Laceable Bikini). I hope that you too will give these fabulous undies a try and find the same comfort and joy that I have this year. Today’s lucky winner will get to experience Soma intimates for themselves with their very own Soma prize package… And that lucky winner is Lori Wilson!

Congratulations Lori!!! I hope you enjoy your Soma experience as much as I have. Check back tomorrow for more favorite things… You could be tomorrow’s lucky winner!

For more information on Soma Intimates product lines please visit: www.soma.com