Today is Christmas… my most favorite day of the year and also the last day of the

“12 days” give-a-way! I have so enjoyed writing this blog over the past 2 weeks, even

though I got a little behind on a few days, I guess we all get a little behind sometimes. I

hope you all have enjoyed reading the blogs as much as I have loved writing them. On

this, the final day of the give-a-way, I wanted to share my most favorite thing with you

all. I have loved photography since I was a sophomore in high school who was looking

for an easy A on a project. I can’t remember if I got an A on that particular project but I

did begin a love affair that would apparently never die, even after changing my major

five times in college and graduating with a degree in political science, it still won out

over all the rest of my many interests. I enjoy the process of taking the photos, but the

real joy for me happens when I begin the editing process and see all the little moments

caught on camera, that is my very favorite thing of all! I cannot share this particular joy

of mine with you because everyone doesn’t share my passion for photographs. Most

everyone however is passionate about their family and preserving memories for years

to come, and that I can help with. So for the twelfth and final prize for the 2011 “12 days”

give-a-way our lucky winner will receive a 1 hour photo shoot at the location of their

choice in an effort to preserve some priceless family memories to treasure for years to

come. And that lucky winner is… Amy Brafford! Congratulations Amy!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the “12 days” give-a-way…

I didn’t want anyone to leave empty handed so I will be sending you all a little something to say thanks,

check your FB inbox for more information.

Thanks again and a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a very good night… oh, and a happy and prosperous New Year too!:)